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Things to ask before buying a project management software


Most companies today have recognized their needs for one or more project management software but either creates the wrong approach or is misled. Many times companies rush into the development or purchasing project management software without understanding the need for one, rather than the fact that their competitors are using the same project management software.

There are significant advantages of having project management software from design to implementation of a good and flexible project. A project manager should look and ask the following features before making software purchase decision.

Software price vs value

Pricing shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding to buy a software. You must also look for the value it can create in your business over its price. Buying a software that just monitors the time and resources and leaving a lot of project decision unattended like –

  • Which task is causing the delay in the project and does the software highlight that task?
  • Does it help you to monitor the budget and cost-effectively?
  • Does it help in your billing?
  • Does it easily adapt to changes? 

What is the most important problem you need the software to resolve?

It is mostly seen that a business struggling with a burning issue look for a solution to resolve. There is various software in an ever specialized sector. While making the buying decision, it is important to find out which software resolves the most important issue effectively.

For a basic task management system, most software companies offer similar features. Beyond that, the software can be very different – some better – and some worse. Some software companies offer a ton of features which on the surface seem important, but as you dig a little deeper, only add more work. Other software systems don’t offer special features you feel you need to properly run your business

Make a list of the features you must have and check with the software vendor if their product can be adapted to fit your unique needs

Is the proposed software customizable and scalable in design?

Software that is scalable in design simply means that it can easily grow with your business, at minimal cost to you. A highly customizable software could also mean a complex system that may take time to adopt. At the same time, a standard less customizable system is harder to modify to suit your company’s needs.

Scalability is very important for small businesses because they are dynamic in growth. No one wants to jump through hoops of testing, development, customization, and training, to purchase software only to find out a year later that you have outgrown it and you need to replace it.

At the end of the day, you to find a trade-off between the simplicity and sophistication of t the system to fit your team.

 Are you better off using excel to manage your project?

Typically more than 40% of consulting business are still managed via excel. Most of the companies go for a software solution when they want to improve the efficiency and bottom line results. Most of the business run via excel are typically profitable ones and does not consider a system to be valuable.

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It is the CEO / COO who can bring a change in philosophy and practice in their organization to adapt to modern technology.

No matter how good your business is currently using excel but you cannot ignore the fact that

  • Software application is protected with user id and password
  • Excel data cannot be relied on considering there is no Audit trial with a unique transaction number
  • There is no tracking of user id entering the database
  • No workflow or authorization system
  • It cannot be a role-based system with different access level
  • Streamlined data entry saved you time and errors
  • Data can be easily deleted by leaving a trace
  • Formula Errors: When you use Excel, you might make formula errors. The software handles the mathematical backend for you, ensuring accurate reporting

Training cost

Does the software come with a training support? Can a one-to-one training with the vendor available on-site or remotely? Most of the time – lack training can be a hurdle to a software utilization in the organization. Does the software come up with standard training and what is the cost of additional training?

Support service

The question of support hours should include not only the timeframes during which you can get support but how you can do so. Can you get phone support and what is the typical response time on email or ticketing support?

Each software vendor has very different support policies. Make sure you have their policies outlined clearly. One company may charge a monthly or yearly fee, while another may offer you 30 days free and then begin your support charges. Some may not even offer support. Make sure you understand what to expect from your software provider beforehand.

 Are you buying just because your competitor is buying?

You will never come to know if the software has assisted in delivering your project in time. Or was it flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances? It is advisable not to make software buying decision based on competitors purchase history.

When it comes to project management software, there significant advantages from design to implementation of a good and flexible project. A project manager should look and ask the following features before making software purchase decision.

  • Helps in delivering the project on time
  • Control on Budget and Cost
  • Easy to manage resources and workload
  • Flexible to adapt to change in scope
  • Results can be predicted more accurately
  • Improves customer relations during project execution
  • Have better visibility of the status of a project
  • Improve bottom line result

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