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Task Management System | Task Management Software

Tasks are a list of all work items and the assignments that you need to accomplish and to be completed within a given stipulated time. A project is made up of tasks and to manage them effectively is the most important part of project management.

It requires coordination with all the team members involved in the project process, so as to get your project’s goals complete on time and within budget.

What Is Task Management?

Task management is the process of managing your tasks or activities through the project’s lifecycle and it involves various stages, like planning, testing, tracking, and reporting.

It is an activity in which an individual or a project manager tracks the tasks and makes decisions based on its progress status. Task management is the process of identifying the task, collaborating with the team and its completion of project success

Why Do You Need A Task Management Software?

A tasks management software is a very crucial tool for every project as it aids the ability to keep track of your project’s deadlines, tasks complication, meetings and managing your team more effectively in real-time.

As the project size increases and it increases the number of dependent task and sub-activities, it will be hard to track these task on a notepad or in a diary. You need a tool which will let you access those task list and let you take control of those task in terms of deadlines and requirements.

A task management software is made to create a project, its task and who needs to be doing them. Without such tools, it will be hard for us to know who is working on those tasks. A task management system enables everyone in the team to come together and work together for project success.

Benefits of Using Task Management System

Task management system is an effective tool for end users to work smarter and gain better insights on your project status.

It can help you with:

Manage and Organize Your Workloads

Organize your project into systematic work breakdown structure (WBS). That will give you a clear picture of task targets and deadlines along with the priorities.

Access anytime from anywhere

One of the greatest reasons for using an online task management software tool is, storing your data online over a cloud and never lose them. Also, that gives you unrestricted access to the information anything you need from any device

Set priority and color code them never to miss out

Online task management software tools allow you to prioritize and manage your tasks with features like, showing your pending, ongoing tasks, tasks that are not yet started, or tasks that have been completed.

You can highlight your tasks and sub-tasks with unique and specific color code for every task so that you understand and have better insights of your tasks.

Increase Efficiency and Production

With clearer task objectives and deadlines, a user knows what he or she needs to be doing each day and prioritize them accordingly. There is no time wastage in understanding the requirement and that enables an increase in efficiency and productivity.

Drive Collaboration

A good task management system facilitates collaboration between team members. They can quickly communicate within the tools, assign and re-assign task to anyone in the team and set priorities for them to know well in advance.

Be Profitable

Having a clearer task management tools enables the team to achieve project targets within deadlines. Thus saving your time and ultimate your budgets. Be more profitable by deploying a good project management tool

Save time

Eliminate time spent thinking of what to do next will reduce wastage of time on knowing the targets and deadlines.

How are tasks managed in a typical organization?

In most cases, a task management is represented by a grid system of rows and columns and is generally referred to as task management boards.

It also has various tasks or elements of a task represented and indicated with symbols and today’s business usually carry their task management in either of the three forms listed below:

Manual Task Management

Electronic Task Management

Online Task Management

Manual Task Management Tools

It is usually made up of physical items like corkboards, whiteboards or even wide drawing papers fixed to walls.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Electronic Task Management Tools

Electronic task management tools provide much flexibility and have additional functionality. It is not confined to physical space, but allow you to add as much or as little information as you would like to have. It usually has features, like tracking of your tasks and providing analytics of your tasks.

Online Task Management Tools

There are online applications that allow you and your project team members to organize, prioritize and monitor your tasks more effective from any device or location.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Online task management tools also aid better communication and collaboration among project team members and stay updated.

Considering investing in a task management tool?

There is no any shortage of task management software tools in the market, but selecting a task management tool that best suits your needs is something that you should look for.

Some task management systems might be extremely basic while others are a wide range of functionalities and have enough metrics that satisfy even the most avid forms of numbers-driven teams.

While choosing task management tool, you should keep in mind that the complexity or simplicity of a tool does not make the tool the best solution.

You should look for the balancing nature and your needs, what a task management tool that can help you and your team work better together, make your tasks more organized and boost your production, what types of tasks are you going to manage, how important is data analysis, does it need to be integrated into other systems or applications, is it just you or for the entire project teams.

A typical tasks management software includes the following basic features and you have to decide which of these are required in your business:

    • Creation of tasks and sub-tasks
    • Assign and reassign tasks
    • Sharing and prioritizing tasks
    • Export and import tasks lists
    • Define custom views
    • Generation of notifications and reports
    • Filter lists by days/weeks/months or year
    • Detail view of your tasks from the lists
    • Manage huge tasks easily with just a few clicks
    • Access control and security system, and
    • Integration with other system software.

A look into TIEMCHART Task Management Software:

  • You can organize, assign and prioritize your tasks all from one place
  • You can keep track of your project deliverables and manage deadlines
  • You can view your tasks lists that are running on time and also view your overdue tasks and take action accordingly
  • You can view your tasks on a single page and search your tasks according to the project name, tasks, due date, resource name, etc.
  • You can send timely reminders of all your tasks to the members of your team
  • You will never miss any tasks deadlines with the alert mechanism that alerts you to task overdue dates, pending tasks, etc.

TIEMCHART is sophisticated but yet, designed for simplicity, you can just drag and drop your tasks to reorder and create relationships between your tasks.

How to manage task using Tiemchart Project Management Software

Create Project

Step 1. Login to Tiemchart Project Software and select  Project and click on Add Project.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Step 2. Fill up your project details and Save.Task Management System | Task Management Software When you save your project, it will directly take you to the Gantt chart view.

Create task and sub-task for your project

Step 1. Check the box that is written Gantt chart and will have the Gantt chart view for your project tasks.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

You can also change your Gantt chart view in days, weeks, months or year.

Step 2. Click on the Plus (+) button that is inline with the name of your project.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Step 3. Fill up the Task Code, Task Name (eg. Task 1), Task Color, Task Type, Plan Date and click on Save.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Similarly, create another task under your project.

Step 4. Now in order to create a sub-tasks, click on the Plus (+) button against which you want to create the sub-task (Sub Task 1).

Step 5. Fill up the Task Code, Task Name (eg. Sub-tasks 1), Task Color, Task Type, Plan Date and click on Save.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

So, here is how your project tasks will look.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Assign Resources

With TIEMCHART task management software you can easily assign your resources either at an individual level or you can also assign at the entire project level as well with just a few clicks.

How to assign resources at an individual task level?

Step 1. Select the project and go to Gantt chart.

Step 2 Select the task against which you want to assign resources and click on the Share button.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Step 3. Select whom you want to assign the task at the indicial task level and click Close.

Task Management System | Task Management SoftwareIf you want to give access to all the task to a particular user?

Step 1. Select the project against which you want to assign resources and click on the Share button.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Step 2. Select whom you want to assign the task at a project level and click Close.

Monitoring tasks using TIEMCHART task dashboard

There is a Task list, right in the dashboard and it shows all the task in a tabular format.

You will have two different views such as:

Open Task and Overdue.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

Open Task will show all the lists of your tasks that have not yet crossed the project deadlines and Overdue Task will show you, all the lists of tasks that are not completed within the due dates.

You can also search for a particular task or project by just typing in the search box.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

It also has the option to export your task list directly into  Excel.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

When you need to update a task, simply edit the task and make changes or update the progress.

Task Management System | Task Management Software

When you use the right task management software tools to manage your project, your project management becomes more about getting your tasks done the right way, instead of just getting them done.

TIEMCHART is changing the way how you manage your task and collaborate with your team. Give us a try and request a free trial.