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Stop wasting time in excel sheets and emails to run your project. Connect team, task and resources in Tiemchart enterprise project management software and get real time reporting of project progress.


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Best software tool for project management

Best software tool for project management

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Next-Gen technology on Enterprise project management software

Don’t end up buying a task or team management software when you are looking for a true enterprise project monitoring solution

90% of the system fails to deliver an automated solution

Problem: “When you enter 40% progress, can you validate what makes up that 40% and how you came up with that number”?
With most of the existing software, things that are driving the project (human and material resources) is having no real time relationship to project progress reporting. And you end up having a system where progress percentage is manually entered.
You no long require to carry out manual update of progress in Gantt chart or milestone field. Just updates the activities (resources) performed and that will auto update the Gantt chart progress.
automated solution
task impact
Can you define which task can cause greater impact on the project?

Problem: Did you realised that two identical task that is 10% complete may carry different weight on overall projects completion?
Without having a system in place to enter weights, it will never give accurate prediction of project progress.
A task might take only 10 days to complete but the impact on the overall project might be lot bigger than as task that takes 30 days to complete. With TIEMCHART Project management software, you can identify the task and place them on different weights.

Best web alternate to MS Project

Microsoft project is a fantastic desktop tool for project planning. But if you are looking for an alternate web based solution, we have got you covered. MS project tool is packed with features that most people do not use. We bring together the essential features that you will require to manage a project.

Areas TIEMCHART MS Project
Seamless import and export Yes – via Excel Yes
Project Planning via Gantt Chart Yes Yes
Vendor / contractor Collaboration Yes (Restricted access to Vendor / Contractor) No
Physical progress assigned to Gantt Chart Yes (Gantt chart auto update based on deliverables in hrs / Qty etc.) No
Quantity & Units Tracking Yes No
Financial Progress & Billing Yes No
Roles & Authorisation (for multi user) Yes No
Workflow Progress (for multi user) Yes No


Whether you are into civil or mechanical construction or your business is providing consulting or marketing services, get started with easy monthly payment option. TIEMCHART online project management software is available as Software as a Service (SAAS) and you pay per user per month basis.

We also provide enterprise on-premise deployment with minimum of 10 user and we bill as one time charge. Apart from the standard edition, there can be lot of value added features customisable at additional charge.

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