MS Project Alternative

Best Online alternative to MS Project with advanced Gantt Chart tool


Intuitive Project Planning

Tiemchart is easy to use online solution for project planning and scheduling. It will let you plan and manage your projects with this easy to use online Gantt chart software.

Set Predecessor Successor

Set up Predecessor or Successor of each task. And also define Lag between tasks. We bring you the most advanced features that you will probably need to manage your project via online Gantt chart.

Calculate Free Float

TIEMCHART Gantt chart provide you with advanced project decision making tools like Free Float, Total Float, Earliest Start, Latest Start etc.

Critical Path & Network

Easily identify Critical path directly from the Gantt chart. It has also got inbuilt network diagram to visualize the workflow

More than $3 Billion of project value managed by TIEMCHART Construction Project Management Software



Task Management

Define task and activities and bring vendors and contractors into one platform to report on project progress and updates. Get real time visibility to problems and risks.

Resource Management

Bring your team together in one place and enables users to view task list in multiple formats. With TIEMCHART never miss an important deadline or task.

Collaborate your Team, Contractor and Customers

Bring your team, external contractor and customer in one place.

Monitor Human, Assets and Material

One of the best features of our Gantt chart is the ability to assign Human, Assets and Material Resource and track its progress percentage online

Next-Gen Technology to Monitor Project

Complex process in Gantt chart

To give the project a profitable solution, the process and activities must be well defined and designed in a way that minimizes both initial capital costs and ongoing operating expenses.
Tiemchart let you draw up detail process into easy to use online Gantt chart tools

Critical Path & Network Diagram

Easily identify Critical path once you connect all task in Gantt chart.

We have also integrated state of the art Network diagram to visualize the task in any format you prefer

Clear Task Management

Build clear task list directly from the Gantt Chart. Turn off the Gantt chart to just display the task list and turn. And turn on whenever you want to view the task in a Gantt Chart

Manage deliverable quantities

One of the biggest advantage we bring is to plan and monitor physical quantities that needs to be delivered at every stage. Unlock the power a project management software can help your construction activities

Real Time Resource Workload

The dashboard enables you to get better insight into understanding who on your team is busy and who’s not. With this information now available in real time, you will be able to assign and reassign resources into project based on their availability.

Best web alternate to MS Project

Microsoft project is a fantastic desktop tool for project planning. But if you are looking for an alternate web based solution, we have got you covered. MS project tool is packed with features that most people do not use. We bring together the essential features that you will require to manage a project.

Vendor/ Contractor Collaboration✔×
Physical progress assigned to Gantt Chart✔×
Quantity & Units Tracking✔×
Financial Progress & Billing✔×
Roles & Authorisation (for multi user)✔×
Workflow Progress (for multi user)✔×

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