TIEMCHART is web-based enterprise project management software for managing projects, processes and resources. It is a comprehensive platform to view and manage all ongoing projects, streamline resources and track down task that might be causing delays in the project

Established in the year 2015, TIEMCHART is gaining popularity among mid and large scale enterprise as an alternative solution to Microsoft Project.

What are the key advantages of TIEMCHART to MS Project?

While putting these key differences, we are analysing the advantages of TIEMCHART to MS Project. There are many advantages of MS Project that may not be addressed by TIEMCHART. We are putting this difference for an alternate solution and as a client you can make the choice if such address to any of the issues you might be facing
MS Project Integration
Areas TIEMCHART MS Project
Web-based collaboration Yes No
Compatible with MAC Yes No
Seamless import and export Yes No
Team collaboration Yes No
Time Tracking Yes No
Vendor / contractor Collaboration Yes (Restricted access to Vendor / Contractor to view project status or update progress) No
Project Planning via Gantt Chart Yes Yes
Physical progress assigned to Gantt Chart Yes (actual progress in Gantt chart is based on physical deliverables in hrs / Qty / files / design etc.) No
Quantity & Units Tracking Yes (What quantity needs to be delivered at each task – no. of design files, No of Hours, Kgs/LBS etc.) No
Financial Progress & Billing Yes No
Roles & Authorisation Yes No
Workflow Process Yes No
Customisation – Process & Reports Yes Limited


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