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Enhance the power of Microsoft Project into web based solution

Microsoft project is the most popular project management software globally and has been using successfully by thousands of enterprises and individuals. We have grown and learn from Microsoft project and having tremendous respect for the software

There  has been many online project management software but precisely should be named as Task Management Software as most of them do not carry any project decision making tool such as critical path, free float, latest start etc. Yet they claim to be project management software. We tried many of them and they hardly come any closer to the powerful features of MS Project.


  • You will not be able to use the software without any desktop installation. Thus every pc that needs to use must have MS project installed.
  • It is not a collaborative solution. Project file can be opened only by one person and they need to transfer the file for someone else to use (or user can use within the network of a company)
  • Financial progress and billing. MS Project has got limited capability of financial progress and costing. It cannot be used for project billing
  • Lack in collaboration: System collaboration and integration with different stakeholders, employees, vendors etc. is not possible with a desktop based solution. Thus it is used as a stand-alone system



  • Take the power of web based solution to collaborate team and resources: When it comes to project monitoring, team collaboration and resource interaction within the project, an ideal web based solution can increase the capability of an enterprise and it’s performance. Theory of desktop based solution is great when it comes to stand alone application. But a true project management and monitoring can achieve great result with a web based solution
  • Convert desktop based solution to a web based monitoring system : TIEMCHART brings you a complete solution to integrate MS Project files into its web based platform via excel import features. We have developed a solution where the folders can be copied over to our software including task relationships, constraint, lag etc. And taking the desktop MS Project folder to a web based intuitive platform.



TIEMCHART is bringing the best alternative to MS Project. It is web-based enterprise project management software for managing complex projects, processes and resources.

While putting these key differences, we are analyzing the advantages and value addition TIEMCHART can bring to your project. There are many advantages of MS Project that may not be addressed by TIEMCHART. We are putting this difference for an alternate solution and as a client you can make the choice if such address to any of the issues you might be facing.

Web-based collaborationYesNo
Compatible with MACYesNo
Seamless import and exportYesNo
Team collaborationYesNo
Time TrackingYesNo
Vendor / contractor CollaborationYes (Restricted access to Vendor / Contractor to view project status or update progress)No
Project Planning via Gantt ChartYesYes
Physical progress assigned to Gantt ChartYes (actual progress in Gantt chart is based on physical deliverables in hrs / Qty / files / design etc.)No
Quantity & Units TrackingYes (What quantity needs to be delivered at each task – no. of design files, No of Hours, Kgs/LBS etc.)No
Financial Progress & BillingYesNo
Roles & AuthorisationYesNo
Workflow ProcessYesNo
Customisation – Process & ReportsYesLimited

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