How to successfully manage your first project

How to successfully manage your first project

In today’s generation Project Managers should have various types’ of knowledge between day to day work, from managing the members of a team to understanding the business as well as the project strategy. For these skills Project Managers are globally in high demand.

Apart from having the qualities to manage multiple and numerous task, at the same time it has also become a struggling carrier with their outdated management systems. Below are some of the possible difficulties that are faced by the Project Managers.

“Not defining project task or activities clearly in the beginning can only lead to project confusions and delays at later stage”

Project Planning

The greatest difficulty a project manager face is that, project managers do not have a proper planning before starting a project. Every project needs a project plan that serves as guidelines for the entire project team members. Improper planning or without planning a project might lack a clear objective, comprehensive scope, definition, or an inaccurate project schedule and thus a project fails or delays. This creates failure to understand the process and leads to chaos and thus lacks of conformity, as a result to which projects runs out of control and run over the estimated budget and time.


For a project manager keeping records of email, meetings, status reports, project plans etc has almost became difficult to keep an eye on each and every projects. They must work really very hard to keep those lines of communication open, to ensure that they have all the details to report back to executives and stakeholders.

Resource Allocation

Proper project staffing is a crucial task. Improperly allocation of resources and staffs into the projects by the Project Managers may lead to chaos as well. The key to accomplish a project successfully is to get the right skills at the right place.

“Managing project with multiple resources can only be successful with an effective communication tool”

Clear Project requirements

Projects are about turning ideas into reality. Project Managers will not be able to successfully complete a project if they cannot compare what they have done to the original idea. Being clear on the project requirements is the most important part of project management. If a project manager do not know where the project is going, that will lead to nowhere.

Document Management

Projects generate large amount of documents, they require meeting, sharing of information tracking of changes, all the while requiring that a record of activities must be kept and maintained properly. Using wrong tools can quickly mislead the project and may create problem.

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Though a Project Managers have the quality to manage multiple tasks at the same time it is a struggling career too. With the old content management style that has been replaced by the Project Management Software.

A Project Management Software, is a software that are used for project planning, scheduling, resource location and monitoring progress to ensure that the projects are completed in time and within budget. Project Management Software helps to keep a track in business activities and financial goals and mitigates the risk and issues in advance and always keeps your whole team up-to-date.It also collaborates and communicates between the projects stakeholders and allows the Project Managers to keep a vigil eye on the project from a single place.

Here how TIEMCHART offers 14 days free trial on Enterprise Project Management software that will enable the project managers to test the theory of successfully managing a project into practice.

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