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TIEMCHART Task Management software enables user to view task list in multiple formats. You can monitor task in Gantt chart formats or view them in task tracker. While most of the other online task management software lets you view the task in a list format, we provide additional tool in the form of Gantt chart to better manage complex projects.

Gantt chart – display task dependencies and priorities

Task Tracker via Gantt chart:

Simplify complex projects by creating list of task and sub task which are presented in Gantt chart. When the task list is prepared with the help of Gantt chart, you will be able to create task at multiple level and its dependencies. This process allows you to better understand the project scope and all the necessary tasks.

Task Tracker via Gantt chart

Task dependencies:

Task dependencies (predecessor and successor) are shown by the arrows connecting one bar to another. This helps user to understand task priority and its connectivity. You can also define Lag or gap in number of days between dependent tasks. This helps you to understand the project schedule and completion dates.

TASK Dependencies

Assign human and capital resource:

Within the Gantt chart, you can directly assign both human and capital resource. The visual nature of Gantt charts let you quickly communicate your team’s progress and show which tasks needs to be prioritised.

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Task tracker – keep track of all deadlines

Tiemchart task tracker is easy drop down list of task with the most recent task that is required to be completed. Just come to the task tracker dashboard to view all latest tasks that needs to be looked into.

As soon as you have created a task and delegated it to someone, task tracker will keep track of all deadlines, send automatic reminders and notify you of task progress.

Task Tracker

The task tracker dashboard gives a complete view of the task with number of days left to be completed and percentage progress. It also shows the assigned resources for the task.

Project Overview – task that has caused delay

Another important Tiemchart task management software features is the ability to track task that has caused delay in the project. Project overview present the project status in regard to number of task that is in progress (within deadline), not yet started and those that has crossed deadlines

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