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TIEMCHART Task Management software enables user to view task list in multiple formats. You can monitor task in Gantt chart formats or view them in task tracker. While most of the other online task management software lets you view the task in a list format, we provide additional tool in the form of Gantt chart to better manage complex projects.

What makes TIEMCHART Task Management tool special?

task dependencies
Assign task directly from Project Planning Dashboard

TIEMCHART task list represents list of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or activities that are assigned to the WBS. Either WBS can represents the task or the activities that needs to performed to complete the WBS.
This process allows you to better understand the project scope and all the necessary tasks.

TIEMCHART Task Tracker Dashboard

Task tracker dashboard – never miss an important task

Tiemchart task tracker is easy drop down list of task with the most recent task that is required to be completed. It shows list of all latest tasks that needs to be looked into.
Once you have created a task and assigned it to someone, task tracker will keep track of all deadlines, send automatic reminders and notify you of task progress.
The task tracker dashboard gives a complete view of the task with number of days left to be completed and percentage progress. It also shows the assigned resources for the task.
task tracker dashboard
Project overview
Project Overview – task that can caused delay

Project overview dashboard shows up a summary of all the project and showing list of task that has crossed deadline, not yet started or running in progress and within deadlines.
You can drill down to detailed task level from project overview dashboard
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