Online web based tool to monitor project progress

Project monitoring system is online web based tool to monitor physical and financial progress of a project. It is a comprehensive platform to view and manage all ongoing projects, streamline resources and track down task that might be causing delays in the project.

Project Monitoring System requires integration of the financial progress along with physical progress of the project. The total project is broken down into monthly progress plan and PMS system need to monitor the actual progress against monthly plan.

TIEMCHART Project Monitoring and information system helps the business to achieve following objectives:

  • Breaking down of total project into yearly and monthly progress plan
  • Online monitoring of actual progress against plan
  • Identifying the task or packages and its completion date
  • Tracking of actual completion against planned date
  • Identifying the risk and issues
  • Registering of cost incurred at various level and monitoring financial progress
  • Generation of various project reports

What makes TIEMCHART special?

Excel Import Features:

Simply create your project in excel and import it directly to TIEMCHART. Thus saving lot of time for a brand new project that is available in excel or migrating from any other system into TIEMCHART

Interactive Gantt chart:

Gantt charts tool helps you to visually interact with your tasks and monitor project progress. Click and drag directly on the chart to establish task dependencies, duration and progress (% complete)

Advanced Project Management Tool:

Some of the advanced project management features such as critical path, free float / slack, Earliest Start, projected end date etc. are all built in the system.

Vendor / Client Collaborate:

TIEMCHART enables you to invite your clients or vendor and allowing them to either track or update the project details.

Cost Accounting System:

TIEMCHART Project monitoring system is packed with cost accounting system that can be integrated to other ERP like SAP etc. (added customisation required for such integration)

Monthly progress reporting:

TIEMCHART Project management software enables business to input monthly progress plan. And further actual progress can be monitored against the monthly plan. Thus enables the business to carry out detailed analysis of its project operation.

Role Based Security:

TIEMCHART lets you create various access levels and user can be assigned against the access level. Workflow process can also be created and document can be submitted against the workflow process

Easy to Operate:

You can get started with TIEMCHART by simply following our training video within few hours. We also provide detailed project management training at extra cost

Customised solution:

If you are a mid-scale or large enterprise and require a customised solution either with a process design or reporting template, we deliver such solution at additional cost.

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