More than 5% savings on Capital and Operations cost using TIEMCHART Engineering project management software.

Changes we have brought to some of the projects

Minimise Change Order

Minimise change order

Still thinking about having an engineering project management software? Imagine the frustrating point that often extends the schedule and adds to the project cost. The only way to prevent the bulk of costly and impactful change orders from taking place is to apply detailed engineering concepts before construction.

Detailed Clear Task

Clear task plan

To give the project a profitable solution, the process and activities must be well defined and designed in a way that minimizes both initial capital costs and ongoing operating expenses. And, of course, it must be built on time and within budget. As against conservative approach, industry is now seeking modern approach to combat the risk of failure, delays and increase in cost.

Manage Workload
Have a clear view of available resources and workload

The dashboard enables you to get better insight into understanding who on your team is busy and who's not. With this information now available in real time, you will be able to assign and reassign resources into project based on their availability.

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Complex Engineering process in Gantt chart with deliverable quantities

One of the biggest advantage we bring to you is the ability to add human, material and assets to the required deliverable task.

90% of the system fails to deliver an automated solution

Problem: “When you enter 40% progress, can you validate what makes up that 40% and how you came up with that number”?
With most of the existing software, things that are driving the project (human and material resources) is having no real time relationship to project progress reporting. And you end up having a system where progress percentage is manually entered.
You no long require to carry out manual update of progress in Gantt chart or milestone field. Just updates the activities (resources) performed and that will auto update the Gantt chart progress.

Explore how project progress can be automated based on resource assignment.

Best Part – Integrate to your existing ERP System.

TIEMCHART lets you work independently for your project. Or if you are running an existing ERP System, we can help to integrate to your existing system.

integration solution
Integrated to other ERP system

TIEMCHART team bring in experience of more than 20 years in ERP solution. We have integrated our enterprise project management (EPM) software to SAP, MS Outlook. And also provided an easily solution to migrate existing project from excel, MS Project or Oracle Primavera.
Advantage of integrated solution
- Take your project online
- Team collaboration
- Automate project progress
- Assign weights on WBS

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