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Advanced Gantt Chart Tool

Keep Your Projects On Track

A task is your to-do item. It can be assigned, labeled, prioritized, tracked, commented on, and even set as a recurring reminder and most of the online tool offers you to create tasks in a list format at one level only.

Tiemchart gives you everything you need right from creating your team, assign and schedule tasks and track your project progress ensuring that nothing is leaking through the cracks.

alternate to Microsoft project


Define task and activities and bring vendors and contractors into one platform to report on project progress and updates. Get real time visibility to problems and risks.

Web Alternate To Microsoft Project

Easily monitor your entire project portfolio in single dashboard. It is the best PPM tool on the web

With intuitive Gantt chart tools that complies to the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Methodology, TIEMCHART is coming up as the best Microsoft Project Alternative tools.

TIEMCHART Gantt chart provide you with advanced project decision making tools like Free Float, Total Float, Earliest Start, Latest Start etc.


Bring your team together in one place and enables users to view task list in multiple formats. With TIEMCHART never miss an important deadline or task.



One of the best features of our Gantt chart is the ability to assign Human, Assets and Material Resource and track its progress percentage online.


Make Sure You Hit Your Deadline

Create the plans that show you how your project fits together and helps you to keep track of your project progress as things changes.

With Tiemchart Everyone gets notification of immediate tasks deadlines into their dashboard, view your critical path, and bring your team, external contractors and customers in one place. You can decide when you want every detail completed so that you can manage your project rather than your project managing you.

Tiemchart has brought a clarity to our project performance and helped us to be more profitable

Dr. N.D. Singh GM – IT, NEDFi

Great overview and granular detail. Much better Gantt charts than other similar programs

J Jennings – First Press – USA

Excellent software with very good training video and good customer support

Larry K – Larkins Construction – Ghana

Award winning Project Management software

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