TIEMCHART Budget & Estimates provides a systematic approach for estimating the cost, schedule, effort, defects and risk of project development.

The tool determines how much time, resource and cost it will take to complete the project. Such estimation is based on −

  • Past Data / Experience
  • Project Specification documents
  • Assumptions
  • Identified Risks & Issues

Budget & Estimats

Version Control

TIEMCHART Estimation tool provide a version control process where each estimates is having a specified document number. Any revision of estimates will generate a new document number for proper record and tracking of every estimate.

Cost Estimate

TIEMCHART is not an engineering estimates but a simple cost estimate process where we can provide a detailed estimates of:

  • Human resource Cost
  • Materials utilisation cost
  • Cost of machinery and heavy equipment’s
  • Maintenance cost
  • Utilities and other ancillary cost

The actual cost incurred can be monitored against the estimates in real time thereby providing a real bench mark tool for the measure and profitability of the project.